A Special thanks to everyone who made the celebration of our November 20, 2016
100th spay/neuter clinic in Volcan a big success:

Lynn Gohman, who designed the Certificate of Appreciation we presented to
Dr.Tello. He was surprised--and so was I when the group  presented a similar 
Certificate to me, (in English). It brought tears to my eyes (and
still does.) (A little birdy told me that Don Binder originated the idea
of the Certificate of Appreciation for me.)

Lynn Gohman is a professional graphic artist, so if you need any work done for that
purpose, do contact Lynn. She does outstanding work! I had no idea of
Lynn's expertise in graphics arts before we happened to meet at recycling
and began to disuses the certificate I wanted to present to Dr. Tello.

From that time, every detail seemed to coalesce as we all worked toward
toward the special event on November 20, 2016.  

PSP Products & Solutions. The owner is Ovidio Portugal, but people call
him "Portugal." Lynn Gohman has worked with him in the past, so I
thank her for recommending him.  He prepared the excellent banner, 
and because our clinics are a community service, he did not charge me
for the art work, but only for the materials, which ended up to be $85.
Portugal's store is catty-cornered from the old Berards next to a
restaurant. Go visit him if you need professionally printed T-shirts, 
caps, banners, etc. His phone number is 6544-2783. He speaks English.

A week before the clinic, Portugal and Jose and I installed the banner on the
fence at ANAM, which is near the clinic building on the main road to Cerro Punta.
 Then Friday afternoon before the clinic on November 20th,
Jose and I removed the banner and stored it in the clinic. Very early on clinic day, 
November 20th, we installed the tarp at at the clinic (as we usually do) to protect 
clients from rain and sun), and then installed the banner on the outside of the tarp.

In the video (when it's ready) you'll see Dr. Tello's surprise when he arrives
and sees the banner.)

As always, I thank my wonderful employee, Jose Denis Espinosa. He is essential
for the clinics, plus there is no way could I care for my 18 rescued dogs without him!

Isaac Calidonio, a singer with a beautiful voice who often sings with
Mary Binder. Don Binder gave me Iassc's contact information, 
and Isaac made a wonderful poster that he distributed via
social media and he also arranged for radio coverage before our 100th
event. Isaac says "It's just beginning. I will send another press
release after the event, letting them know the next dates and
how it went." Thank you, Isaac! (And thank you, Don!)

Amanda Deffloff-- one of our star volunteers. Amanda agreed to create
a cake to celebrate our 100th clinic. I expected a "generic" cake that said something
like "Congratulations for the 100th" clinic, but Amanda created a masterpiece. She said
it took her 10 hours. Just wait until you see the pictures. You'll be blown away! 
If any of you need a professional to create a cake, do contact Amanda.

Thank you to Francia Pinedo. For our 100th clinic celebration, Francia provided correct
translation for Dr. Tello's certificate and the correct espanol wording for the banner.
And Francia has been a volunteer at our clinics from the very
beginning of our clinics in March of 2006. 
She now serves as our very competent registrar. 

Francia also provided the correct Spanish for the personalized greeting cards that I 
created, printed, and presented to to each of our current Panamanian volunteers.

(Don Binder helped edit the pictures for better resolution of each volunteer 
that I put on their greeting cards of appreciation.)

And of course, a special thanks to EVERY ONE of our volunteers, without whom
these spay/neuter clinics would not be possible!

Dorothy Atwater -  6517-8752 or muffiemae@gmail.com
skype:  muffiemae