Your donation will help us end pet overpopulation and stop the suffering. Your contribution and your name will appear on our clinic's web page unless you would like to remain anonymous, in which case your contribution will be posted with “anonymous” under sponsor’s name. 

Any deficit (and there always is one) comes directly from my pocket. I appreciate your financial help to continue this vital program.

IMPORTANT NOTE about donations to help support this work for the animals in Chiriqui: When clicking on the "Donate" button below, donations will go to my personal PayPal account and are not tax deductible. But be assured that every penny goes for the animals. On my web page that I prepare after each clinic, I give a complete accounting of income and expenses.

Again, other than contributing cash or depositing to my personal bank account, donating to my personal PayPal account ( is the best way to help support this important project.
Except for our wonderful veterinarian  - whom I pay pittance, really - neither I nor anyone else connected with the clinics receives any pay or financial benefit. I rent the building where we hold the clinics, and I buy all the anesthesia, medications, instruments, supplies, and equipment. I have no offices, no salaries, no advertising, no overhead. Every penny goes for the animals. This is a project from my heart, and I pay the deficits from my own pocket. 

Thank you in advance for future financial help, and thanks to everyone who has donated in the past. No one except the doctor receives any payment. Every penny goes for the animals.

In addition, donations of gloves, gauze, syringes, near-to-expire or recently-expired medication, disposable surgical drapes, etc. are welcomed. In Chiriqui, email Dorothy Atwater ( to arrange for pickup, or call my cell phone in Pananma (507) 6517-8752.