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Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 33 animals were sterilized by
 Dr. Andrés Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. In addition,
Dr. Tello performed eye surgery on one dog and removed a tumor from another. Sadly, one dog had to be euthanized. 

Cats, Cats, Cats this time! Dr. Tello sterilized 12 dogs and 21 cats. Of the sterilized dogs, 9 were female and 3 were male. Of the cats, 14 were female and 7 were male. 

Some of the cats were feral and mean! Volunteers usually escape injury but this time Don Binder, our dedicated volunteer received deep scratches from a cat - and he was also bitten by a dog. This dog escaped after being given the anesthesia injection, and two volunteers chased her for several blocks until they were able to catch her. Plus, we had more "unruly" animals at this clinic than usual.

One male dog had a venereal tumor, which Dr. Tello removed when he neutered the dog. Thankfully, we see fewer of these horrible tumors than we did in the past. But sadly, every female this dog has had sex with, just one time, will also develop internal venereal tumors, eventually fatal unless the owners become aware and bring the female dog to our clinic to have the tumors removed by Dr. Tello.

One male cat had a lot of scratches. Someone said he was one of 13 male cats chasing a female in heat. I feel sorry for the poor female cat!

Be sure to click the link below for the Picasa web album of pictures taken during this clinic. Our next clinic is on June 8th. We had to schedule it earlier than usual for June because of Dr. Tello's schedule.  

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By using this donate button, the funds will go to my personal PayPal account and your contribution is not tax deductible. But be assured that every penny goes for the animals. On my web page created after each clinic, I give a complete accounting of income and expenses. (See "Income and Expenses" listed below.) Except for our wonderful veterinarian  - whom I pay pittance, really - neither I nor anyone else connected with the clinics receives any pay or financial benefit. I rent the building where we hold the clinics, and I buy all the anesthesia, medications, instruments, supplies, and equipment. I have no offices, no salaries, no advertising, no overhead. Every penny goes for the animals. This is a project from my heart, and I pay the deficits from my own pocket. 

Even easier, if you already have a PayPal account, you can just log in and specify to send money to "friends or family" at my email address, muffiemae@gmail.com.

Again, other than contributing cash or depositing to my personal bank account, donating to my personal PayPal account (muffiemae@gmail.com) is the best way to help support this important project if you don't need a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you in advance for future financial help, and thanks to everyone who has donated in the past.


Cristina Espinosa did a good job with registration. She recently had her 14th birthday and is the daughter of my employee, Jose Espinosa. Cristina has been our registrar for at least two years.
Don Binder, Elcy Morales,
Rebecca Rothenheber (from Germany), Jahir Costello, and Yiniela Rodriguez, and Alice Dahlmann (also from Germany) weighed the animals and administered the anesthesia, and gave the pre-op injections of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. They also put mineral oil in the eyes of the animals so they would not dry out, and performed whatever other duties were needed.
 Also helping was Otis Witt, also from Germany, and a new volunteer--also from Germany, Tabea Hertel.
Jose Espinosa, my permanent employee, helps weigh and tag the animals, provides transportation for animals when necessary, and helps with various duties. He also takes my car to pick up and deliver animals when necessary. Then Jose and I go to the clinic site on Mondays following the Sunday clinics to clean and organize for the next one.
Rosemary Rios, Maria Cristina Montenegro, and Francia Pinedo assisted Dr. Tello, gave post-op injections of B-12 and antiparasite. They dressed the incisions, took the temperature of the recovering animals, tattooed the ears of female dogs, gave flea and tick treatment, generally checked the well being of the animals, and performed whatever other tasks were necessary. 
Alejandro Espinosa cleaned and sterilized the instruments. 

Again, we had a great team of volunteers and everything ran very smoothly! 

We had a lot of delicious food for the doctor and the volunteers! Thanks to everyone who contributed: Susan Lovett for a great main dish, Don Binder for drinks, Amanda Rankin for a fruit plate, and Dorreene Reynolds for dessert. I took organic oranges and maracuya from my garden.

 Please forgive me if I have neglected to mention any volunteers or contributors!  And many thanks to the people at this clinic who donated more than my actual cost for the sterilization of their animals.

Income and expenses: 

$  645.00

 contributions by guardians/owners

       25.00       cash donation by Al Jan 
      25.00        Lee and India Sorenson (Las Tablas) to my personal PayPal account
$  695.00         Total Cash Contributions

At this May 18, 2014 clinic Dr. Tello sterilized 12 dogs and 21 cats. With my average costs of $25 per dog and $15 per cat, expenses were $615 plus $100 for rent of the building, for a total of $715. Donations this month were $695, leaving a deficit of $20 which leaves my current out-of-pocket expenses to $1,359.30. Love and thanks to everyone!

My heartfelt thanks for the generous donations of those who have contributed in the past and who will contribute in the future! 

I very much appreciate any and all contributions. They are welcome and needed!

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated in the past and will donate in the future. We need and appreciate your help! 

are Rare picture of Dr.Tello without his mask.

For other pictures taken during the clinic,
click HERE. Click on the first image to
 enlarge it, then you can advance through
the rest of the pictures.


Here in Volcan, our small group has been responsible for sterilizing 2,527 dogs and cats to date. Added to the 129 animals that Spay/Panama (from Panama City) sterilized in in Volcan in February of 2005, we have sterilized 2,656 dogs and cats! There are many more to go, but we are making progress!  Our goal is to sterilize at least 75% of the dogs and cats in the Volcan area, and thus almost completely solve the problem of homeless dogs and cats, and the terrible venereal disease suffered by so many dogs.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our clinics today, and to those who had their pets sterilized. Always remember that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Dorothy Atwater -  6517-8752 or muffiemae@gmail.com
virtual VoxOx US telephone: 817-391-1477
skype:  muffiemae

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