Standing invitation to local vets: 

Now being a branch of Spay/Panama, we have agreed to adhere to the highest principles and best practices as specified by our parent organization, including the use of stainless steel sutures in the finest new traditions of ending the pet and stray surplus. 

For a local vet to be approved to perform surgeries at our clinics, he/she must take the initiative of attending at least ONE sterilization clinic by Spay/Panama in Panama City for training. There, the local vet(s) will be trained by head veterinarian, Dra. Letty Guajardo, for an entire day. Spay/Panama will train any vet willing to learn in exchange for his/her commitment to help local groups to end the overpopulation of animals. The training is absolutely FREE and Pat Chan even provides the trainees with free room and board. 

We welcome the local vets into our program to end the suffering of dogs and cats here in Volcan (and Chiriqui). We encourage them to participate in the FREE training offered by Spay/Panama, which will in turn help them in their private practices. They will learn how to operate faster and cheaper, and with much greater safety for the animal.  Again, their only obligation for the free training is their commitment to help local groups end the overpopulation problem.

In addition, Pat Chan frequently sends her vets to the U.S. for training in the latest methods. Therefore, the local vets would continue to receive training FREE at our clinics in the latest and best techniques available. 

The only requirement is that the local vet(s) spend ONE day training at the clinic in Panama City. (But they are welcome to attend as many as they wish.) The local vet(s) would need to take only one or two days off from their work for the bus ride and to spend a day for training at the Spay/Panama clinic. They will receive FREE training, plus FREE room and board. This is a great opportunity for a first-class education at no cost (except for the bus trip). How could any conscientious veterinarian refuse such an offer for FREE education AND free room and board to train in the latest, safest, most modern, and least expensive techniques for spaying and neutering? (Unfortunately, so far none of the local vets have expressed any interest, which speaks volumes about their expertise and caring....and why so many animals taken to them end up dying.)