Eulogy for my beloved dog Petey.

A man who offered condolences said that some people bond with animals, others don't. The ones who don't can't possibly identity with the pain we feel at the death of a beloved pet. And from my own
experience with Petey, the grief is more severe when a young pet seems very healthy, 
but then is dead within just a few days from causes unknown. 

Another person wrote: It's hard to give consolation...but Petey is okay. He is fine. He had a good life with you. The one who suffers is you, not Petey.

 I know many of you have suffered and will suffer from the death of a beloved pet. I am not
alone in my grief by any means. And all of my other dogs (now 15) are sad, too.
They know Petey has died and they also miss him..

It felt important to me to share just a few memories of my life with my precious Petey.
Thank you for sharing these memories with me.

Petey died Saturday morning, March 21, 2015, between 5:00 and 6:15 a.m.,.cause unknown. Petey was about 9 years old and he weighed about 30 lbs. 

Petey came to live with me in August of 2006. He was about 6 months old at the time. Petey settled right in with my  pack  of other dogs. He became my best buddy and loved me like crazy.

Except for the previous three days he seemed completely healthy. But then  he developed very little appetite and peed a  LOT, big volumes, and was vomiting, first whatever undigested food was in his stomach, then after he wouldn't eat at all, he vomited only clear liquid with some white foam. Then Friday morning he had had diarrhea and LOTS of pee all over the floor. Later in the day he peed a LOT on my bed. Then after a while, he vomited blood on the floor, probably 8 ounces. 

I managed to contact Dr. Tello late Friday, told him Petey's symptoms and said I had injected 1.5 cc of Baytril 5% on Friday. He said to inject another 1.5  cc of Baytril Saturday morning and meet him at the David clinic Saturday am at 7:30 with Petey. 

At 5:00 am Saturday Petey was in his crate and was still breathing, but slowly. But when I went to put Petey in the car, he was dead. Blood came from his penis after he died. And the blanket in his crate was very wet from lots of urine. His abdomen seemed swollen. 

During my 10-plus years in Panama I've rescued and adopted many, many dogs. Some I found good homes for, some I kept myself after Dr. Tello cured them of many health problems, including removing entire hip joints from two of them, and some had to be put down because there wasn't a way to save them, or just from old age when they told me they were ready to go. 

But never has the death of one affected me like Petey's death. He was my soul mate.

I am devastated. He was my Sweetie Petey, so precious and loving. No matter which dogs I have now or will have in the future, none will ever replace my Petey. 

For those who truly love their pets, it's not just the death of "an animal." It's like the death of one's child.

Vaya con Dios, my Petey. Your spirit will live in my heart

Love and thanks from my heart to my good friend, Andrea Gonella. He already had a grave prepared on his finca for Petey and we buried Petey this morning, March 23, 2015. 

Andrea has been very gracious to prepare graves after deaths of several of my other rescued dogs because I no longer have any room for graves on my property. Much love and thanks to you, Andrea!


Petey and I would gaze into each other's eyes and I could SEE his soul in there. I still feel him with me, but I miss his physical presence so much I can hardly bear it.

Below: Petey sitting in a kitchen chair "reading" an article n the Bocas Breeze about a spay/neuter clinic in Bocas. I sent the picture to the editor. She published this picture with the remark, "It's nice that Volcan dogs have some class. The dogs in Bocas only want to read trashy romance novels."

Below: Shortly after young Petey came to live with me. He was very skinny.

Below: When Petey was trying to sneak a bone into the house.

Dorothy Atwater    6517-8752



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