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 October 20, 2019

Today 44 animals were  spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello,
our wonderful veterinarian. In addition, Dr. Tello also
performed several exams and some other very lengthy
procedures. (See below.)

At this 133rd clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 27 dogs and 17 cats. Of the dogs, 19 were female and 8 were male. Of the cats, 13 were female and 4 were male. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,192. 

  Every clinic is an "adventure." At this one, a dog that had already been anesthetized
  and was on the table to be prepped suddenly had EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Thank God
  for our wonderful volunteers! They can handle anything and everything!

We had another long day, and one reason was extensive surgeries on two of my
dogs. One had a severed tendon in her left rear leg. Dr. Tello used a new method, using the dog's own fascia for repair instead of inserting any foreign object.  This surgery took about 1-1/2 hours.

Another one of my dogs had a huge cyst in the elbow of her front leg. This was  another lengthy surgery with lots of blood. 

          While Rodrigo and I were going to my house to get one of my dogs, we were near
          the Mercado. A speeding taxi was approaching from the other direction. A dog was
          crossing the road and was about even with the right front fender of the taxi.
          Instead of swerving a foot to the left, or even showing down, the driver hit the dog
          very hard. The dog ran off and we couldn't find it. Apparently there were no
           broken bones, but I'm sure there were internal injuries. People who commit cruel
           acts like this are sure creating some BAD KARMA for themselves.

Today we had 7 no-shows. We confirm appointments with everyone before each
 clinic, so there is no excuse for failing to come without notice.

Our final clinic for this year will be on November 17th and it is nearly full already.  Call or whatsapp 6640-3171 for appointments. 

Remember, we also offer teeth cleaning of dogs. The cost is $25.00. Please make an appointment if you want this procedure. 

Except for Dr. Tello, neither I nor anyone else connected with the clinics receives any pay. I rent the building where we hold the clinics, and I buy all the anesthesia, medications, instruments, supplies, and equipment--and provide transportation for those who need it. I have no offices, no salaries, no paid advertising. Every penny goes for the animals. This is a project from my heart, and I pay the deficits from my own pocket. 

Thank you in advance for future financial help, and thanks to everyone who has donated in the past.


Following are our volunteers. 

Francia Pinedo served as registrar.  
Don Binder and John Gould weighed animals and gave the anesthesia injections. They, Charli Heusel-Navarre and Agueda Castillo also gave the pre-op injections of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. They also put mineral oil in the eyes of the animals so they would not dry out, shaved the surgical site before surgery, and performed whatever other duties were needed. 
Various volunteers assisted Dr. Tello and gave post-op injections of B-12 and antiparasite and tatooed the ears of female dogs to indicate they have been spayed.  (Dr. Tello's incisions are so very tiny that there will soon be no indication of surgery.) Those included Elcy Morales and Dr. Tello's daughter Naomi. They dressed the incisions, applied flea and tick treatment, tattooed the ears of female dogs, and generally checked the well being of the animals.
And of course our wonderful John Gould who helps provide transportation and helps everywhere he is needed! 
Elcy Morales and Luis Caballero also helped by cleaning and sterilizing the surgical instruments.
Alex Rios was sick today, so no teeth cleaning!

See the photo album for this clinic here: 

We had a lot of delicious food for the doctor and the volunteers! Thanks to everyone who contributed: The main dish by Roseanne Bateman, drinks by Don Binder and John Gould, fruit by Amanda Rankin, and dessert by Liz Waring. I took organic oranges for everyone to take home with them. 

Please forgive me if I forgot to thank anyone who donated or contributed.

Income and expenses: 

$  820.00*

contributions by guardians/owners


Al Jan 

          24.65  Roseanne Bateman (donation for nail cutting)
  $ 869.65  Total cash income

*Note: The $820 contributions by guardians/owners were for spaying and neutering only. Payments for other procedures were paid to Dr. Tello separately. Neither those payments nor the charges for other services are  included in the income and expenses.

At this October 20, 2019 clinic Dr. Tello sterilized 27 dogs and 17 cats.  With my average costs of $25 per dog and $15 per cat, expenses were $930 plus $100 for building rent for a total of $1,030. Income this month was $869.65 leaving a deficit of $160.35. Therefore,  with my previous out-of-pocket expenses, there remains an excess of $1,981.93.

My heartfelt thanks for the generous donations of those who have contributed for this clinic, who have contributed in the past, and who will contribute in the future! We need and appreciate your help! Love and thanks to everyone!

And I can never thank our volunteers enough! They work hard and they are wonderful!

Here in Volcan, our small group has been responsible for sterilizing 5,192 dogs and cats to date. (And this number does not include the extraordinary surgeries that Dr. Tello has performed at our clinics...removal of tumors, amputations, etc., nor the clinic we performed in Davila in which 35 dogs were sterilized.) 

There are many more to go, but we are making progress!  Our goal is to sterilize at least 75% of the dogs and cats in the Volcan area, and thus almost completely solve the problem of homeless dogs and cats, and the terrible venereal disease suffered by so many dogs--but thankfully, we see a lot fewer venereal tumors than we did in the past!. But sadly, cruel and uncaring people are bringing dogs to this area and dumping them. God is watching these cruel people!

Remember: In 7 years a female cat and her off springs can be the source of 420,000 kittens.  In 6 years a female dog and her off springs can be the source of 67,000 puppies. Unless your dog/cat is totally confined and unable to continue the population increase (AND the spread of venereal disease), please do the humane thing of having them sterilized!

For the health and safety of your dog/cat, however, have the sterilization performed by a competent vet who is experienced in early sterilization (eight weeks of age and up) and small-incision surgeries, and one who closes with stainless steel sutures....like Dr. Tello, who we are so fortunate to have operate at our clinics. (I do not trust care of my dogs or injured dogs that I find in the street to ANYONE except Dr. Tello.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in our clinics today, and to those who had their pets sterilized. Always remember that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Dorothy Atwater -  6517-8752 or 6361-3234 (whatsapp)

For appointments: 6640-3171 (phone or whatsapp)

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