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January 11, 2009 - 27 animals sterilized 
today by Dr. Tello, our wonderful veterinarian!
(Plus four more were examined for various injuries.)

We usually do only sterilizations, with other exams or treatments done only if people are willing to sterilize their animals first. However, Dr. Tello does do exams in special cases, such as the animals of regular volunteers and/or contributors....and naturally, those animals have already been sterilized. In addition to the 27 sterilizations today, he also examined 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Today Dr. Tello sterilized 17 dogs and 10 cats. Of the 17 dogs, 16 were female and 1 was male. Of the 10 cats, 7 were female and 3 were male.  There were no venereal tumors this time - we continue to make progress.

People from all over Chiriqui are hearing about our program and are coming from Concepcion and David. Today two people who live in David rode the bus to Volcan and brought two kittens in a cardboard box. The kittens recently adopted the people and they wanted to make sure the kittens were sterilized promptly and competently.

Today we had visitors from the Coronado area: Mary Rhodes, Sheila Louise Scott, and Barbara Schlottke. Because we have the one-vet clinics here once a month instead of the multi-vet clinics every few months, I had an extra stainless steel operating table and three positioners/stabilizers that I donated to the group. Mary in turn donated $120 toward the costs of our clinics here. I didn't want to take the money because the funds of all of us who organize these projects are used exclusively toward the same effort - to end the suffering of the animals. But Mary insisted despite my objections, so thank you!

These three women had never participated in a one-vet clinic like we now have here. They said they learned more in two hours at our clinic than they had learned at all the multi-vet clinics where they had attended and assisted. They were very complimentary of our volunteers, saying they were all extremely upbeat and helpful. While the three women didn't actually participate in the work, our volunteers at each station showed them what they were doing to the animals, how they were doing it, and why. Now Mary wants to take their "show on the road" with a single vet and sponsor regular clinics at various small Indian villages in their area. I wish them the best - these women have more energy than I have! To go to remote locations and take everything necessary to hold a clinic is a massive and complicated undertaking.

MANY thanks to our wonderful volunteers and contributors. Without their help and dedication, this important work simply could not be done.

Cindy Reichert, who served as registrar and helped bring and take animals home;
Beth Park, who gave the injections of anesthesia;
Richard Kongable, who received training in giving injections and helped in many various ways;
Fariza Castillo, who was home from her job in Panama City and helped wherever necessary;
Jose Espinosa. He is my permanent employee and I donate his time and work to the clinics. He helps weigh and tag the animals and give the anesthesia; he and I go to the clinic site on Mondays following the Sunday clinics to clean and organize for the next one;
Wally Ewen, who performed shaving and pre-op cleaning of the animals;
Brenda Paulson, who gave the post-op injections of vitamin B-12, flea and tick treatment, and tattooed the ears of female dogs to indicate they have been sterilized;
Francia Pinedo, who assisted Dr. Tello and helped wherever necessary, including translation. (Thanks also to Francia Pinedo for helping to schedule the animals.) Francia is a good friend and I know her to be an excellent - and honest - real estate agent in Volcan. Her web page is http://www.volcan.paradisepanama.net 
Eymi Pitti and Yimel Caballero, students who cleaned and sterilized the surgical instruments and checked the animals' temperature and general well being while they recovered from the anesthesia; 
Gabriel Castillo, who helped with whatever was necessary.

to Linda Weldon for contributing lots of wonderful pizza; to Dana Larson for a delicious tossed salad; Francia Pinedo for contributing a crockpot of Panamanian chicken and rice; Richard Kongable for contributing soft drinks. (Linda Weldon  accepts orders for her delicious baked goods; contact her at lindadenisew@yahoo.com for a list of items and prices.)

Please forgive me if I have neglected to mention any volunteers or contributors! 

Income and financial donations:

$   524.00

contributions by owners and/or guardians for surgeries or exams 


  cash donation by Spay the Strays Group, La Playa, Panama (Mary Rhodes & group) 

       40.00       cash donation by Lynda Marshall & Beth Park
           48.25          cash donation by Robert James ($50 less $1.75 PayPal fee)
           50.00       cash donation by Richard Kongable (in addition to paying an additional $50 to spay his new dog "Puma")
            60.00       cash donation by "anonymous"

At this January 11, 2009 clinic, we sterilized (and/or examined) 19 dogs and 11 cats. (I pay Dr. Tello even if he just examines an animal.) At my average cost of $20 per dog and $10 per cat, expenses were $490, plus $200 for building rent for a total expense of $690. (Even though we did not have a clinic in December, I still had to pay the $100 building rent.) With total contributions of $842.25, we actually had a positive cash flow for this clinic of $152.25. Therefore, since October of 2006 to date, my accumulated deficit is reduced to $4,143.75.  This was our best month ever for total contributions! Thank you and bless you!  Your contributions are welcome and needed!

Following are a few pictures taken during the January 11, 2009 clinic. 



More people waiting.

Jose helps hold a dog while Beth injects the anesthesia.

Wally Ewen shaving a kitty in preparation for surgery.

Francia Pinedo assists Dr. Tello. 

An adorable little girl here with her pet. 

Dogs waiting their turn.

Adorable kitty.

Linda Weldon rescues wild cats of various types. Her little house kitty was too friendly and put his paw inside the cage of an ocelot.

Me (Dorothy) and Beth Park. 

Yimel Caballero checks the temperature of a dog after surgery.

Beth Park, Wally Ewen, and Brenda Paulson do pre-op jobs.

Richard titled this picture "Dottie performs surgery while Dr. Tello assists." Hah!

Dog fast asleep on the operating table.

This is one angry kitty!

Jose holds this angry cat while Beth Park gives the anesthesia.

This is a before & after picture of a starved Dalmatian that has been adopted by Brenda Paulson. "Sparky" is almost totally deaf. Dr. Tello says he has a slight infection in each ear, which they will treat, but that Sparky will never hear very much. He is a handsome and wonderful dog.

Dr. Tello's beautiful wife Ana and their two girls. Ana accompanied him to the clinic because she is overdue in delivering their third child...she thought labor might even begin today!

Here in Volcan, our small group has been responsible for sterilizing 637 animals to date. Added to the 129 animals that Spay/Panama (from Panama City) sterilized in in Volcan in February of 2005, we have sterilized 766 dogs and cats! There are many more to go, but we are making progress!  Our goal is to sterilize at least 75% of the dogs and cats in the Volcan area, and thus almost completely solve the problem of homeless dogs and cats, and the terrible venereal disease suffered by so many dogs.

Dorothy Atwater - 771-5883 or 6780-2565 or viajar2566@yahoo.com

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