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Note: this clinic was our initial effort. After we became a Chapter of Spay/Panama, our focus has changed to sterilizing the animals of lower-income locals, and the requested donations are $20 for a dog and $10 for a cat. We prefer that the "gringos," or anyone who is not low income, use the services of local vets. However, if those more affluent choose to use the services of our Spay/Panama-Chiriqui vets at one of our clinics, they are welcome but we will appreciate a larger donation to help defer the expenses of those who cannot pay anything.


When Spay/Panama came to Volcán for their sterilization blitz, one of the participating vets was Dr. Andres Tello of Ciudad Nelly, Costa Rica, which is near the Panamá border and about an hour away from Volcán.  Dr. Tello is one of the best vets I have ever known. He is also licensed to work in Panamá. He is a contributor to the work done by the McKee Project in Costa Rica. Finally I decided to approach him about coming to Volcán every couple of months for a one-day sterilization blitz. Dr. Tello graciously agreed, and he brought all of his equipment for the surgeries - including operating table, oxygen and gas machine should they be needed, plus Rabies vaccinations and other medications needed for surgery. Assisting Dr. Tello was Yina Ortiz, who lives in Volcán. Yina teaches first grade at the Bi-Lingual School in Volcán. Yina previously lived in Panamá City and worked as a volunteer with Spay/Panamá for a year. She is a knowledgeable and valuable assistant to Dr. Tello.

Our first mini-sterilization blitz was on March 26, 2006. Charles and Jeannie Pellicier of Volcán allowed us to hold the event in their large garage. Two of their dogs were well taken care of that day and we sterilized a total of 16 animals, a few of which needed abortions in addition to spaying. There were also two nursing mother cats, plus their eight kittens which Dr. Tello sterilized when they were only four weeks of age. In addition to the spaying of one large female German Shepherd, Dr. Tello also removed a big venereal tumor from her.  Sorry, but the only pictures I took that day were of the removal of that tumor. At this clinic, Dr. Tello did all of the pre-op work, gave the anesthesia, and did the post-op work.

Thanks very much to sisters Betsy Boeve and Cindy Reichert for their help on our first sterilization day....and thanks also for their generous financial contribution that helped make Dr. Tello's trip a little more financially worthwhile than it would have been otherwise.

Our second sterilization blitz was held on May 21, 2006. Click HERE to see details and a lot more pictures this time!

Dorothy Atwater - 771-5883 or 6780-2565 or viajar2566@yahoo.com

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